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Print off to make an offer on a South Australian property

Buyers Information Notice & Offer Form Click on the form to open and pint off to complete and make your offer.

R3 Buyers Information Notice.

R3 Buyers Information Notice Please read prior to buying a home in South Australia.

Auction Forms: R3 Buyers Information Notice, R4 Bidders Guide to Residential Auctions, R5 Collusive Practices

Print off these forms and peruse to prepare yourself for bidding at Auctions. We will provide you with these in a Bidders Registration Pack, however it is advisable to read these forms prior to the Auction.  

Form R3 Buyers Information Notice 

Form R4 Bidders Guide

Form R5 Collusive Practices



Forms R6 & R7 - Warning Notices

Form R6 Buyers Warning Notice

Form R7 Warning Notices.